The Fortune Teller

The Fortune Teller, oil on canvas, 24” × 36”, 2009.

The Fortune Teller
Oil on canvas, 24” × 36”, 2009.

As often in Proner’s paintings, views are challenging and intricate. We watch the scene depicted on this canvas while the two ladies watch the same scene, from the opposite point of view, through their camera screen. They are actually luckier than us since they could, should they pay more attention to the actual scene, see the story teller hidden from us by a bizarre apparatus. Since we cannot see the interpreter, we are left facing the customer to witness her quest for answers: She’s just about to make the critical choice and her hands are suspended. The intimacy of her decision is publicly exposed in the middle of this very open and public space, but she doesn’t seem to mind: Destiny is a personal matter.